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Maria Daines: MUSIC


(Maria Daines/Paul Killington)
July 7, 2006
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The Scary Guy is internationally acclaimed.

He is an Agent For Change who teaches students and adults about what they can do to "change the world" by taking responsibility for all of their own behavior in the form of words and actions as energy. His mission is to eliminate hate, violence and prejudice worldwide, and his audience consists of youth and adults whose characters are still in a formative stage and are using negative energy to meet their needs. Who is The Scary Guy?

The Scary Guy is quite possibly the most powerful Agent For Change on the planet today! He has worked with over 5 million people around the world promoting peace through the teaching of love and acceptance of all people. His number one mission is the total "Elimination of Hate, Violence and Prejudice Worldwide."

He has been featured in over 1,700 newspaper and magazine articles, 700 radio interviews and hundreds of television shows worldwide about his innovative character-building programs, which are tailored for all age and education levels. These features include The Johnnie Walker Show (BBC2, the number one radio show in the United Kingdom with over 7 million listeners), The Maury Povich Show, People Magazine South Africa, The New York Times, Vibe, The Discovery Channel and VH1 the best of the 90€™s. The Scary Guy has been discussing the possibilities of a Reality Television Show. And Scary has just attended the Premier of his Feature Documentary Feature Film in Munich Germany, Produced and Directed by award winning German filmmaker, Uli Kick.

In his own words... "The world will only change when ALL PEOPLE take an active role in teaching LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. Today's children must learn the process of teaching LOVE and ACCEPTANCE and it is their responsibility to teach their children how to teach their children. Only then ... will mankind know TRUE FREEDOM!"

- The Scary Guy 2002

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Written for Scary Guy

You heard about him now he's in your face
He's in your school man he's every place
He's here for you and he's here for me
In 7 days you can see how good life can be...

Welcome to the Scary Guy
He's on a mission just look in his eyes
He's a Scary Guy!

He's gonna rock to roll this world
Make every VOICE count as heard
Make every human feel like being
Make this sight a life worth seeing

You think you're tough you're not tough enough
LOVE can be the strongest stuff
Compassion rules and hatred sucks
Give him 5 n' change your luck, yeah!

He's a Scary Guy he's looking in your eyes
He's a Scary Guy he can change your life
He's a Scary Guy here to make you try!


"The only way this earth will change is if every man, woman and child takes an active role in teaching children how to teach LOVE..."
- Scary Guy

He's a Scary Guy he's looking' in your eyes
He's a Scary Guy he can change your life
He's a Scary Guy here to make you try!
He's a Scary Guy he's looking' in your eyes
He's a Scary Guy he can change your life
He's a Scary Guy here to make you try!


© Maria Daines/Paul Killington
All rights reserved
(mcps) ASCAP

Backing vocals by Paul, Maria & Marybeth Daines!!

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The Scary Guy:
Story by: Grosu Luciana

Committed to World Peace

You can’t miss this guy if you meet him on the street….though you might need a few good minutes to figure out all the piercing and tattoos he’s got everywhere. Don’t stare like that! He’s a very famous person! He calls himself “the new face of love”. He is The Scary Guy.

Who is “The Scary Guy”?

No, he’s not a dangerous person! His official mission is “The Total Elimination of Hate, Violence and Prejudice Worldwide”. You might think this is not a very easy-achievable objective…Yet, don’t make the mistake to ask The Scary Guy “what do you do to fight against it?” Because actually he’s not fighting anything. He’s just teaching.

“I do not fight against anything. I train people how to teach love and acceptance. That is what I do from the moment I wake up . . . until I fall asleep. To “fight” and to be “against” people or things would cause me to become unfocused on who I am and what I do to help others”.

This philosophy already helped The Scary Guy achieve great things: he has worked with over seven million people around the world and visited thousands of schools teaching children about the need to accept each other. “Bullying” is the name of the problem and The Scary Guy seems to be the right answer.

“I do not combat bullying, he reminds me. I expose the truth of hate, violence and prejudice as learned behavior based in fear and lack of knowledge without condemning, finding fault, shame or guilt.”

Bullying can mean anything from name calling and teasing to extreme violence and crime. But there are two characteristics that perfectly describe the bullying phenomena. One, it happens in schools. And two, the aggressors are kids. “This behavior is learned at home, explains The Scary Guy. But I can not change anyone; I do not have that power. By speaking the truth about the process of name calling, and words as energy, kids listen and then choose to understand. Kids change themselves. “

How is The Scary Guy working?

The Scary Guy goes to schools and talks to everyone: children, parents and teachers. “I do the very same programs for adults that I would do for 12 year olds. All adults get this program. I show all people how to empower themselves. I teach them the process of creating world peace.”

He has developed a few programs like “The prejudice elimination” program, the “Circle of courage” Emotional Intelligence program, or the “Cognitive Thought Resolution “ program. So you can see this time it’s not just bla-bla-bla….

“I identify the processes that are given labels as ‘bullying’, ‘anger’, ‘prejudice’, ‘racism’, ‘homophobia’ etc and bring everyone to the same level of awareness as to how we are all involved in this flow of negative energy – although at different levels,” The Scary Guy started to explain to me.

He addresses kids in different ways in order to be able to explain them these rather abstract ideas.

“I speak kid. I speak just like them . . . if they are 5 years old . . . I’m 5 years old. If the are 25 years old . . . I’m 25 years old. I give them examples of me and my old behavior. I always tell them like it really is . . . the truth of what is really going on with all people.”

The main idea of The Scary Guy’s speeches is that we all have a choice and that we can chose not to be a victim.

“We are only responsible for our OWN behavior. We are in control of the energy that we take ‘IN’. However the human race is conditioned to accept all words and actions as theirs, regardless whether it is positive or negative. People who automatically take in negative energy and believe it to be true are labeled as ‘victims’. But you no longer need to be a victim, you have a CHOICE”.

We can thus chose our response and decide not to react knowing that it’s the other person that has the problem, no matter what horrible thing it said about us.

“You can just walk away or if this person is a friend, colleague or relative you can ask her “ Are you OK?” or tell her she seems to have a problem and ask her if she would like to talk about it. By asking them a question, you are helping them to process their ‘own’ energy and learn about themselves – with LOVE and KINDNESS, not shame, guilt and condemnation. This is what they – the bullies – are used to at home. They are or have been, victimized and abused by someone else usually at home and they’ve learn this behavior and now use it in schools to get their needs met.”

That’s why we are all empowered to stop violence and hate manifest themselves.

“It’s not about ‘fighting’ against the negative energy, that would just put more negative energy on the planet .Our mission is to replace the negative energy with positive energy. We need to teach children how to do this and show them it is possible, so they can teach it to their children and so on. ‘Victims’ of bullying and the ‘bullies’ have the power to create their own love instead of getting their attention and needs met in other ways.” The Scary Guy concluded.

So…The Scary Guy believes world peace is actually possible, now and here.

“Most people are waiting and hoping for World Peace, when in fact it is already here and we can each have it now! This begins in each of us. It is not a thing that will be delivered by a Government. All of the steps we need to take live within every person on this planet. Making a difference begins in your mind. Then you decide to take action. Awareness, understanding, acceptance and love, this is what all children should have the inside of them. Now.”

The Scary Guy available all over Europe and…online

The Scary Guy is well-known in UK, where he visited various schools in important cities such as Portsmouth or Liverpool. He is also very popular in Germany where he was in Cologne and Frankfurt. Austria and Ireland are other two important The Scary Guy’s destinations. He gave radio interviews in Switzerland and was featured on “Teacher’s TV” in UK. It looks like Europe is thrilled to learn more about The Scary Guy.

“Scary Guy has changed my life for the better and I thank him with all my heart”, says Craig – Second Year Student, Hartlepool, UK

I personally met The Scary Guy on the WorldWideWeb, after participating at an e-discussion about bullying and school violence. I got an e-mail interview which was both fun and interesting. New technology helps a lot.

“The Scary Guy mobile channel” is the official mobile internet service of The Scary Guy. This channel keeps you updated with The Scary Guy’ news as he travels across the world. You are also invited to share your personal experiences. And you can also win an EXCLUSIVE ‘Scary Channel’ T-shirt! “ …

Ok…but who is The Scary Guy after all?

You mean the man behind the tattoo mask? But….there is no mask!

“There is no difference between my personal life and my work life. I do not “go to work”, I live my life everyday helping others full time”, The Scary Guy confessed.

He was born December 29, 1953, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. He was the eldest of three boys born to Constance Buckingham and Carroll Kaufmann. His mother never called him Little Scary! Yet, he personally experienced hate, anger, violence. He was a baby portrait photographer, a computer salesman, a tattoo artist. It was only in 1998 that he legally changed his name to The Scary Guy. And, yes, he also sold his tattoo shops….

“I began helping others the moment I realized that I was living a lie, thinking I was a good guy running my mouth, blaming others for all my negative words and actions. When I woke up and discovered this is who I really was? That is the moment I decided to get real and help others.”

What else would you like to know about The Scary Guy? Oh, yes, about his tattoos….

“I was motivated by children and their actions. Kids killing kids because over their differences. But my tattoos are about my life and I tattooed myself for me, no one else. I use my tattoos today. It is less important for me to get tattooed than it is to use my tattoos to deliver this all important message.”

You can see he’s truly committed. The Scary Guy seems to know exactly which are the steps we need to take in order to achieve world peace, yet he is still opened to learn from children.

“I am a child. I do not know very much. I am here to learn from all people. So then all children know that I do not know everything and will help me learn”. Are children really afraid of The Scary Guy? ...

“Kids think I rock. They call me a legend. They always tell me to keep on going and never quit, The Scary Guy says proudly. I receive 4,000 letters per month, he adds. I not only listen, I respond to all of them personally.”

Just one more question now. The Scary Guy’s vision of a perfect world?...

“To wake up rested knowing I have one more day to help just one more person.”


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